We will speak with you via phone or email to arrange for our presence at the given event.  We will then have our graphic designer create a design that is specific to your event.  Once the designs are approved by you, your work is done.  On the day or days of the event our team will arrive and set up a booth where we have many different apparel items, sizes, and designs; additional to the event specific pre-determined design.  Event attendees will then come to the booth and choose the color, size, and design they desire and we will print it in just seconds.
-No monetary obligation or investment
-No risk
-No volunteers
-No minimum order or purchase
-No taking of sizes
-No surplus or guess-work
Best of all, your event will earn a percentage of proceeds for simply allowing our presence.

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What People Are Saying:

The check for the softball association. Wow! that was a very nice amount in the little time you were there. I can only imagine what the profits for you would have been if we would have had both days. Sorry about the weather, hopefully it was worth your time to come and set up for such a short period.
We would love to have you back next year.
We will pass on all the information we have collected this year to the future tournament director.
Also, I will definitely pass on your information if the need comes up for any of the other activities we are involved in or people we know who may need your services.

Thank you again for providing great service and products at the tournament.

Good luck with everything in your future.
Have a nice summer!
On-site Event and Tournament T-shirts!
On-site Event and Tournament T-shirts!
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